Flores Landscaping Services has the unique ability to provide the continuity of seeing a project from inception to completion. This has greatly enhanced our ability to offer hands-on experience to all aspects of the job, large or small. Excellence is always our goal, and it is evident by the work we do, which is second to none.

Flores Landscaping Services

Landscaping Design

The grass can finally be greener on your side! With Flores Landscaping Services, you can achieve just about any look or style for your landscape. Talk to our specialists about your vision, and we will work endlessl

Flores Landscaping Services

Tree Services

Is there a tree in your yard that needs to be cut down? Do the trees in your front lawn need trimming? Whatever the tree situation in your home is, we are qualified to help. Our expert arborists place safety and efficiency at the forefront of our tree services. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Flores Landscaping Services

Sprinkler System

Save time, water, and money. When you install sprinklers from Flores Landscaping Services, you get a worthwhile investment, You won’t have to spend another second of your down time watering the lawn as it will automatically be done for you. Get in touch with us today.

Flores Landscaping Services

Snow Removal

Don’t get snowed in. Flores Landscaping Services specializes in seasonal snow removal. Our team is qualified to handle your snow removals safely, efficiently, and swiftly. We have the necessary equipment to thoroughly remove snow from your driveway, entryway, and more.

Flores Landscaping Services


Protect your lawn from weather changes, weed growth, and reduce erosion. With mulching solutions from Flores Landscaping Services, you can add the necessary nutrients to your soil and more. Benefit from all that our mulching services have to offer; give us a call today.

More Services

- Landscaping renovation
- Plantation
- Tree Removal
- Pruning
- Treeming
- Weeding Service
- Fall Clean Up
- Spring Clean Up
- Junk Removal

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